Franklin Pierce Guthrie and Marian Kendall Guthrie begat Franklin Pierce Guthrie, Jr. (brothers Alfred & Terry).

Early Gideon Stanley and Pauline Lovin Stanley begat Carolyn Jean Stanley (sisters Jean, Arlene & Paulette).


Franklin Pierce Guthrie, Jr. and Carolyn Stanley Guthrie (married 1953) begat Dwayne Pierce Guthrie (sisters Delyse & Sherbie).


Branscom Cable Smith and Mary Eunice McDaniel begat Barbara Ann Smith.

Leonard Ballard Stowers and Laura Starling Stowers begat Woodrow Wilson Stowers.


Woodrow Wilson Stowers & Barbara Ann Smith begat Joyce Ann Stowers.


O’Neal Overby Gardner married Barbara Ann Smith and became “Daddy” to Joyce Ann Stowers (sister Lynn Gardner).


Dwayne Pierce Guthrie married  Joyce Ann Stowers (1974) and they begat Zachary (1978), Joshua (1982), Daniel (1986), Abigail (1988), Hannah (1990), Rachel (1992) & Benjamin (1995).


Zachary Pierce Guthrie married Laura Elizabeth Mathis (2001) and they begat Austin Pierce Guthrie, Kala Elizabeth Guthrie & Harrison Dwight Guthrie.

Benjamin Early Guthrie married Amy Ariel Bashioum (2017) and they begat David O’Neal Guthrie (2018)

Guthrie Generations